Roland Garros



In collaboration with ROLAND GARROS and luxury caterers POTEL&CHABOT


“Potel&Chabots’ most competitive attribute is their Team spirit”.


Through this strategic partnership we wish to reenergizes Potel&Chabot’s events and help them break through the traditional codes of french gastronomy, through Products, Spaces and Gestures. Our task is to create a once in a life time Dining experience for Potel&Chabot guests.

This event will thus take place at Roland Garros and be divided into chronological « Sets » allowing us to structure the dinner. Throughout the evening with these new, dynamic postures, movements and cutlery we strive to visually transcribe the team spirit central to the elaboration of a Potel&Chabot experience and the tornement. Our main objective is to bring the guest’s attention to what makes Potel&Chabot so unique : their teamwork.

Designers : Sabine Miachon, Abbie Haines